Beneath Southern Skies

A little southern comfort goes a long way... A career-destroying move sends infamously notorious New York gossip columnist, Vanessa Valentino, running back home to Mercy, Georgia, to lick her wounds in private and as her true self - Tressie Valentine. But it doesn't take long for the roving reporter, intent on salvaging what's left of her career, to pick up the scent of a brewing local story with the potential to catch fire nationwide. Too bad the only thing standing in the way of her being the first to break the story just happens to be her archenemy - Nathaniel Woodberry. That and, of course, the fact that seeing Nate again is enough to make her melt from something other than the steamy Georgia heat. * Nate can't believe that Tressie's back to wreak havoc on the small town they both grew up in, and he can't help holding a grudge against her for past deeds. He also can't believe the sudden heat between them. He finds himself drawn to her, spending too much time thinking about seducing her, and plotting when and where to make his move. When he finally does, will he still be able to accomplish his goal - stopping Tressie from destroying their hometown - before its too late?


After serving eight years in prison for a heinous crime that she never denied committing, parole for Helena Hunter means long-awaited freedom. Killing her grandmother was a choice that she made all by herself, but she wasn't thinking about the consequences of her actions when she pulled the trigger. The little girl she left behind is now a teenage stranger, who thinks her mother might be a monster, and the family that labeled her the black sheep wants her to forget the fact that they all played a part in her downfall. But healing can only begin when the truth comes out and ghosts from the past are exorcised.

Where There's Smoke 2

After a few ups and downs, Alec “Smoke” Avery and Anne Phillips have found a rhythm they can both groove to, and they’ve made a love connection. But just when they think they can finally settle down and tie the knot, their past comes back to haunt them in ways they never imagined. When the smoke finally clears, truths will have to be told and Anne will have to accept the fact that she and Smoke are more alike than she cares to admit.

Where There's Smoke

Sixteen years after the fact, Alec Avery gets an unwelcome blast from his drug-dealing, street-running past that turns his life upside down. Back in the day, he was known as “Smoke” and Anne Phillips was one of his customers. So how did they end up with a teenage son together? You do the math.   While one long-overdue relationship is taking shape and gaining substance, another long-forgotten one is gathering steam and sparking flames. Two was always company, now is three a crowd?

Running from Mercy

When Pamela Mayes left Mercy, Georgia, eighteen years ago, she was an orphan with a wild reputation that had as much truth to it as it did legend. Fast-forward eighteen years and she is now a celebrity recording artist with money to burn and a reputation for being curiously reclusive. She always said it would take an act of Congress to get her to go back home, but when her twin sister, Paris, is killed, she can't stay away any longer. Everyone wants to know why Pam ran from Mercy all those years ago and they're about to find out...

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